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From patient visits to payment, Clinic Heroes manages your
revenue cycle.

Clinic Heroes serves as an exceptional alignment for your medical practice. Our company provides a comprehensive selection of advanced and excellent practice management services tailored to meet the needs of various medical and non-medical specialties. Whether you are a private physician or a member of a larger medical group, our services are tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Medical Billing

At Clinic Heroes, we understand how important medical billing is to your healthcare practice. That is why we provide complete medical billing services to assist you in properly managing your revenue cycle and maximizing your revenue.

Medical Coding

Medical coding must be accurate and thorough in order to optimise reimbursement for services provided in medical practices. Clinic Heroes is well-equipped to provide medical coding services that are both quick and accurate.

Revenue Cycle Management

Healthcare providers must enhance quality with reduced reimbursement and higher risks. To achieve these goals revenue cycle efficiency and medical billing and accounts receivable management must be optimized.

Credentialing Services

Clinic Heroes helps doctors get patients enrolled and granted credentials quickly and easily so they can focus on what they do best giving people good healthcare.

Denials Management

Our Denial Management solution identifies the causes of refused claims, addresses them, and submits them to minimize the denial rate and enhance reimbursement.

Virtual Assistant

Our team of virtual assistants is committed to optimizing your revenue by ensuring the prompt and accurate processing of claims. This will enable you to experience enhanced cash flow and increased financial stability for your practice.

Virtual Medical Scribe

Our Medical Scribe service offers the expertise of a trained medical professional who assists in the creation and management of medical records. This includes taking comprehensive notes during patient visits, test orders, and accurately documenting.

Prior Authorization

Our Prior Authorization service gets insurance approval for certain treatments to make sure they are covered and lower the risk of claims being rejected. We collaborate with insurance companies to get pre-approval and authorization.

Eligibility Verification

The Eligibility Verification service ensures that covered services are claimed. We carefully check patient coverage and benefits to verify all services match their insurance plan. This measure prevents claim denials and reimbursement delays.

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